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Thursday, September 10 , 2014

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The inscription edited below is engraved on a stone slab lying in front of the big mosque at Taḷaṅgere near Kasaragod, the headquarters of the taluk of that name in the South Kanara District of the Madras State. It was reported that the slab was being used for washing clothes and that consequently a portion of the writing on it was getting worn out. It was, therefore, copied during the winger of the year 1952-53 by Mr. N. Lakshminarayan Rao, Government Epigraphist for India, in the course of his official tour in that district.

The record contains 27 lines of writing. The first four lines embody a Sanskrit verse in Śārdūlavikrīḍita metre and are engraved in Grantha characters. The rest of the inscription is in Kannaḍa characters and language. The record may, on palaeographical grounds, be placed in the 10th century A. C. The script does not show any peculiarities calling for special remarks. However, attention may be drawn to the forms of the initial vowels, a (lines 9, 23), ā (lines 16, 21), i (line 7), ī (line 20), u (line 9) and ū (lines 9, 26). The shape of the long ū is particularly note-worthy. The form of final l (line 6) may also be noted. The specimens of Grantha and Kannaḍa scripts in the record may be compared respectively with those in the Grantha inscription of the 10th century, e.g., Udayēndiram Plates of Bāṇa Vikramāditya[4] and the Kannaḍa inscriptions of the same period, e.g., the Dēvīhosūr inscription of Śaka 884[5] and the Sogal inscription of the reign


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