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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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South Indian Inscriptions






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A. S. Altekar

P. Banerjee

Late Dr. N. K. Bhattasali

Late Dr. N. P. Chakravarti

B. CH. Chhabra

A. H. Dani

P. B. Desai

M. G. Dikshit

R. N. Gurav

S. L. Katare

V. V., Mirashi

K. V. Subrahmanya Aiyar

R. Subrahmanyam

T. N. Subramaniam and K. A. Nilakanta Sastri

M. Venkataramayya

Akshaya Keerty Vyas

D. C. Sircar

H. K. Narasimhaswami

Sant Lal Katare



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Archaeological-Survey of India


Page 2, line 17.─Read executor
,, 5, line 21.─Read 606 A.C.
,, 11, text, line 10.─Read ºddhūlana
,, 14, foot-note 4, line 11.─Read comparison
,, 15, foot-note 2, line 3.─Read s surname
,, 16, text, lines 14-15.─For Marralūra read Mallalūra
,, 17, line 3.─Read Satyāśraya
,, 17, line 4.─Read Pōrmukharāma
,, 17, line 14.─Read interesting
,, 17, line 21.─Read tanuja
,, 18, line 19.─Read is Sanskrit
,, 18, line 20.─Read inscription
,, 18, line 36.─For 1939 read 1239
,, 20, foot-note 6, line 1.─Read examined
,, 21, foot-note 7, line 1.─Read Anaṅgabhīma
,, 23, text, line 4.─Read śrīmadº
,, 23, text, line 6.─Read utsav-ōpaº
,, 24, line 32.─Read tṛitīyō=ṅśa
,, 25, line 27.─Read (3) the
,, 26, line 5.─For hold read held
,, 30, foot-note 1, line 7.─Read Chyō (Chō) ḍagaṅga
,, 33, foot-note 3, line 10.─For like read like
,, 39, para. 4.─Add note─‘Lōkārṇavadēva, mentioned in the last stanza of the record, seems to have been a feudatory or viceroy of the Gaṅga king and the real donor of the grant. He probably belonged to the Tumburu dynasty apparently claiming descent from the Gandharva of that name.’
,, 40, line 30.─Read 488).”5

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