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Madras was “ a mere fishing village up to the year 1639 A.D., when the English became possessed of it by a grant from the puppet sovereign Srîraṅga of Vijayanagara, then at Chandragiri.”[5] Some of the suburbs of Madras are, however, very ancient. Leaving aside St. Thomé connected with the St. Thomas legends,[6] Mailapur (or Mayilâppûr) and Tiruvâmûr (Tiruvânmiyûr) are mentioned in the Tamil poem Dêvâram composed in the 7th century A.D.[7] The former is also believed to have been the residence of the immortal Tiruvaḷḷuvar,[8] a couplet of whose is quoted in the ancient Tamil work Maṇimêgalai.[9] Tiruvallikkêṇi (the modern Triplicane) is referred to in the Tamil scriptures of the Vaishṇavas known as Nâlâyiraprabandham by the saints Pêyâlvâr,[10] Tirumaliśai-Âlvâr[11] and Tirumaṅgai-Âlvâr, the last of whom informs us that the (Pârthasârathisvâmin) temple was founded by an unnamed king of the Toṇḍaiyar, i.e. by a Pallava king.[12] Egmore (Elumbûr in Tamil) is mentioned in records of the Chôḷa king Kulôttuṅga I. and was apparently the headquarters of a subdivision (nâḍu)

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[6] The Roman Catholic Church at St. Thomé is believed to be built over the grave of St. Thomas ; ibid. p. 176. Râmarâya of Vijayanagara is said to have led an expedition against the place in A.D. 1558 ; Mr. Sewell’s Forgotten Empire, p. 193.
[7] The saint Tiruñânasambandar is reported to have revived at Mayilâppûr a dead girl, whose bones had been preserved by her father in a pot. The temple is called Kapâlîchcharam (i.e. Kapâlêśvara) in the hymn composed by the saint. Jainas and Buddhists seem to have lived at that time in the vicinity of Mayilâppûr.
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