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Monday, January 9, 2012


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viii, para. 2, line 6––For tādṛiśā. putrā. read  tādṛiśāḥ  putrāḥ.

ix, line 14– For Mahārāja -Dāmodarasēna  read  Mahārāja-śrī-Dāmodarasēna.

ix, foot-note 1–For Prithivshēna read  Pṛithivīshēṇa.

xi, para. 2, line 5–For भोगी.read भोगी.

xii, line 2–For Sātpudā  read  Sātpuḍā.

xviii, foot-note 2 –For  amendation read  emendation.

xxiii, para. 2, line 6–For Rāmgiri read  Rāmagiri.

xxix, para. 5, line 5–For the sons Pravarasēna I read  the sons of Pravarasēna I.

xxxix, para. 3, line 4–For explicity read  explicitly.
xlix, line 6–For  Jujaka read  Jūjaka.
li, para. 1, line 5–For -ṭilaka read –tilaka.
liii, line 12–For  praśasti read  praśasti.
lviii, line 12–For  सारुंग read  सारंग
lxxiv, para. 3, last line–Insert an inverted comma at the end.
lxxv, para. 2, line 2–Substitute a comma for the full point after
For octagon read octagonal.bases.
19, text-line 8–For गुण[:*] read गुण[:*]
19, text-line 17 –For  इहा read इहा.

21, foot-note 1, line 2 – For p. 63 read  p. 64.

24, text-line 21 –For सञ्च(चा)रि –– read सञ्च (ञ्चा)रि–.

29, foot-note 5, line 2–For Mārkaṇḍēayapurāṇa  read Mārkaṇḍēyapurāṇa.

32, line 2 – Insert Phālgunain  after of.

35, para. 1, line 3– For  Mujumdar read  Majumdar.

39, foot-note 4 –For  -atistṛishṭaḥ read -atisṛishṭaḥ.

40, text-line 5– For वृते read वृत्ते–.

40, text-line 10 –Forread व.
40, text-line 11 –For हितात्थ read हितात्‍थै.
40, text-line 14–For प(पा)र्श्‍वै read प(पा)र्श्‍वै.
41, text-line 22–For क्रणि-read क्रेणि-.
41, foot-note 1-For मले read मूले.
44, text-line 3–For  असंभार-  read  अंसभार-.
44, text-line 6–For  भगवनाग-  read भवनाग-.
49, foot-note 7, line 2–For Vēnātaṭa read Vēṇātaṭa.

50, text-line 10–For समुदस्य read समुदयस्य.

50, text-line 16–For मातु read मातु[].

50, text-lines 19 and 20–Insert a hyphen after the last letter.

51, text-line 21–For वलिवर ्द्दःread वलिवर्द्दः.

53, para. 3, line 5–For kḷipt-lopakḷiptaḥ read kḷipt-ōpakḷiptaḥ.

57, para. 4, line 6–For sunoh read sunōḥ.

58, foot-note 2, line 1–For Rajamānika  read  Rājamānika.

58, foot-note 2, line 2–For vishaya-mana read vishaya-māna.

58, foot-note 3, line 2–For or mahāpurusha read or Mahāpūrusha.

58, foot-note 3, line 2–For or mahāpurusha read or Mahāpūrusha.

60, text-line 18–For वाकाटकाना read वाकाटकानं..

62,  line 9–For Kārttika  read  Kārttika.

67, text-line 54–For मा प्प- read माधप्प-..
71, text-line 9–For समीमान्त- read ससीमान्त-..
83, line 18–For  -vishēsha read  -viśēsha.
85, text-line 24–Insert a  daṇḍa  at the end.
86, text-line 43–For[पा*तकैः  read [पा*तकैः 

86, foot-note 7–Forसोद्रङ्‍ग- read सोद्रङ्‍गः.

87, line 6 from the bottom–For peoples read people.

88, line 32–For son the goldsmith read son of the goldsmith.

96, text-line 2–For  व read वृ-.-.

97, foot-note 1–For Ajñapti  read  Ājñapti.

107, line 3–For Satārā read Sātārā.

107, text-line 5–For  -[क्र-  .

108, text-line 16–For ­–रुपेत [:*] read –रुपेत [:*]

116, text-line 5–For धर्म्यान्‌  क्रिया[] read धर्म्या [] क्रिया..

123, para. 3, line 2 –For Rāmayāṇa  read Rāmāyaṇa.


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