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Air Force mulling offers from US, Russia, and France to counter China

With the border standoff with China last year, India has been on a shopping spree accelerating purchase of various equipment that it had not for two decades. One area where China has an advantage over India, at least on paper, is the number of active fighter jets in service.

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New Planes for the IAF New Planes for the IAF

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Inscriptions of the Paramaras

Chandellas, Kachchapaghatas, and two minor dynasties

The Paramaras, now in modern day Madhya Pradesh, were probably a vassal of the Rashtrakutas of Manyaketha of modern day Karnataka. At the height of the empire, around 1000CE, it stretched from Chittor in the north, Konkan in the south, Sabarmati River in the west, and Vidhisha in the east.

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Inscriptions of the Paramaras,

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