The Indian Analyst
No. Findspot Dynasty King Date Language and Script Remarks



Ajmer.—Rajputana Museum. Slab in the Museum.

Mughal   Aurangzeb


Persian, Nasta‘liq.

State that ‘ this place ’ was constructed for the sake of God by Muḥammad Amin, Son of Shamsu‘d Din Muḥammad Qunā in order that the inhabitants and general public might derive benefit from it.



Gangwana.—Slab built into step-well .

…. ….

A. H.1024=1615-16 A. D.

Persian verse, Nasta‘līq.

Partially damaged. States that Gajpat Khān constructed a sardābah which yielded sweet and pure water and that its date was found in the words’ flowing bounty’

  BENGAL, WEST          

Calcutta.—Indian Museum. Slab in the Museum, No.1.

…. ….

A. H..606. Dhi’l Ḥajja 13=1210 A. D., Jane 3.

Arabic, Naskh

States that this is the grave of the pious, the fortunate, the martyr, Makhdūm Jumālu’d Dīn Shihābu’l Islūm Masūd. son of Aḥmad, son of Muḥammad al-‘Aṭā, who died on the given date.

4 Do. No. 2.       From Persia …. …. A. H..654, Muḥarram=1256, A. D. Jan. Feb. Do

Much damaged. Contents not clear. Seems to be an epitaph mentioning Amīr al-A’zam al-Mu‘azzam Jalālu’l Islām Wal’ Muslimīn Shaikh Dhu’n Nūn.

5 Do. No.3.        From Sirsa, Punjab Tughluq Muḥammad

A. H..792, Jumādī I 9=1332 A. D., Feb.7.

Persian verse, Naskh

Fragmentary and much damaged. Seems to records the erection of a structure, probably a fort, by Muḥammad bin Tughluq Shāh. The construction was deemed necessary for the stability of the kingdom.


Do. No.4.  From Biharsharif, Patna District, Bihar.

Do Muḥammad Shāh

A. H. 792=1389-90 A. D.


States that during the reign of the illustrious King Muḥammad Shāh, such a pleasant mosque was constructed by Khwāja Diyā,son of Ulā.


Do. No. 5.       From Gaur, Malda District, West Bengal.

Sultāns of Bengal Bārbak Shāh

A. H. 865, Jumādī I 10=1461 A. D., February 21.

Arabic, Naskh

States that the mosque was constructed during the reign of the just malik, the King, Ruknu’d Dunyā wa’d Din Abu’l Mujāhid Bārbak Shāh, son of Maḥmūd Shāh by Khān-iMu’azzam Khurshīd, chief of the royal guards.


Do. No. 6.       From Mirganj, Malda District, West Bengal.

Do. Do.

A. H.. 870=1465-66 A. D.


Records the erection of a mosque by Khān-i-Mu’azzam Ajyāl Khān during the reign of Ruknu’d Dunyā wad Dīn Abu’l Muzzaffar Bārbak Shāh, son of Maḥmūd Shāh.


Do. No. 7.       From near Mahdipur, Malda District, West Bengal.

Do. Yūsuf Shāh

A. H.. 884=1479-80 A. D.

Arabic Thulth

States that this Jāmi’ mosque was constructed by the great and just king Shamsu’d Dunyā wa’d Dīn Yūsuf Shāh, son of Abu’l Muzaffar Bārbak Shāh. Son of Maḥmūd Shā