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South Indian Inscriptions

No. Findspot Dynasty King Date

and Alphabet


Ajmer.─Rajputana Museum. Stone No. 1


…. ….

V. S. 1745, Śaka 16010 (for 1610), Āshāḍha śu. …Friday.


Sanskrit, Nāgarī

Seems to refer to a satī.



Do. Stone No. 2



V. S. 1352 (?) Kārttika śu. 1, Thursday = 1294 A.D., October 21. The Saṁvat year is current.



Damaged. Records the installation of an image.


Do. Stone No. 3

…. ….



Sanskrit, Northern Alphabet.

Damaged and fragmentary. Seems to mention a person named Kakka. In characters of about the ninth century.


Do. Stone No. 4

…. ….

(1) V. S. 1453, Śaka 1318, Kārttika ba. 7, Monday=1396 A.D., October 23. (2) V. S. 1520, Śaka 1386, Vaiśākha śu. 3, Monday=1464 A.D., April 9.


Sanskrit, Nāgarī


States that a step-well was caused to be constructed on the first date by Māṇikadē, wife of Rāula Karmasiṁha of the Guhilot family. On the second date the well was renovated by Rāja Vīkāka of the Āiḍa family.



Do. Stone No. 5. From Bayānā, Bharatpur District, Rajasthan.

Kachchhapaghāta Vijayarāja V. S. 1100, Bhādra pada ba. 2, Monday=1044 A.D., August 13. Do.

Records the death of the Jain monk Mahēśvarasūri of the Kāmyaka-gachchha at Śrīpathā. Published in Ind. Ant., Vol. XIV, p. 10.

6 Do. Stone No. 6. From Pushkar, Ajmer …. Durgarāja

(1) V. S. 982, Māgha śu. 11. (2) V. S. 996 (current) (?), Phālguṇa ba. 15, Thursday (?) solar eclipse. May be 939 A.D., January 23, Wednesday.

Sanskrit, Northern Alphabet. Records that on the first date a piece of land was granted in favour of the god Vishṇu of Pushkara by Bhaṭṭa Malhana and Sōmāditya. On the second date the said grant was confirmed by king Durgarāja of the Pushkara region.

Do. Stone No. 7

…. ….



Fragmentary. Much worn out and damaged. In line 10 of extant portion there is the passage āsīd=Bālādityasya. The