The Indian Analyst

Opinions from Prof. Y.S. Gowramma

  • Mayavada of Advaita 
    Since time immemorial, the question that haunted the minds of scholars and philosophers was about the reality of the things and the objects of the world that we are experiencing.

  • Rabindhranath Tagore - The Poet and the Philosopher  
    Rabindranath Tagore is a poet dramatist, novelist, actor, composer, educator, painter, and a Philosopher. In a word he is the Leonardo-da–Vinci of our Renaissance True to the Indian Tradition, he had a Particular Philosophical Vision of his own, which he depicted is his essays, sermons and interwoven is his poems.

  • Hinduism: Universal Religion
    Hinduism's lofty ideals make it a way of life, not just a speculative philosophy, says Prof. Y S Gowramma

  • Philosophy of Bhaja Govindam
    Shankara wrote Bhaja Govindam to explain the transience of all that humans take for granted. Each verse is a shining lamp that shows us the way out of materialistic craving, writes Prof. Y S Gowramma.