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Amar Singh & Maulayam Manipulate Democracy


The Uttar Pradesh Congress Party has asked for the arrest of senior member of Samajwadi Party Amar Singh. He cited interviews and CDs with telephone conversations of Singh in possession of NDTV, which show Singh's collusion with UP Chief Minister Maulayam Singh Yadav to remove an inconvenient High Court judge. The CDs also show that an industrialist in Mumbai advised by another to set aside USD 5.5 million for Singh if he wants to start a business in UP. The UP Congress also called on the Home Minister to start discussions whether Article 356 should be invoked to manage the behavior of an out-of-control State Government. The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) needs the support of SP to stay in power. If the UP Government is sacked, the SP will undoubtedly bring down the Federal Government leading to national elections. Since the propensity of the UPA is to stay in power, this demand by the state unit will most likely be disregarded.

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