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1. The Image of Trivikrama from Rāmṭēk (PLATE-A)

2. The Panel “ Meeting of Bharata ” from Pavnar (PLATE B)

3. The Panel “ Killing of Vālī ” from Pavnar (PLATE-C)

4. (i) The Image of Gaṅga from Pavnar (PLATE-D)

5. (ii) Inscription on the Images of Gaṅga (PLATE- D)

6. The Temple at Tigōwa (PLATE-E)

7. The Image of Gaṅgā on the Door-way of the temple at Tigowa (PLATE-F)

8. The Images of Yamuna on the Door-way of the Temple at
Tigōwā (PLATE-G)

9. The Temple at Nachna (PLATE-H)

10. The Plan of Cave XVI at Ajaṇṭā([PLATE-I)

11. Dying Sundari (PLATE-J)

12. The Plan of Cave XVII at Ajaṇṭa (PLATE-K)

13. Greedy Jūjaka receiving Ransom Money (PLATE-L)

14 . The Buddha, Yaśōdharā and Rahula (PLATE-M)

15. The Front View of Cave XIX at Ajaṇṭā (PLATE-N)

16. The Plan of the Ghaṭōtkacha Cave (PLATE-0)

18.Dēoṭēk Stone Inscription of Rudrasēna I (PLATE-I)

19. Poonā Plates of Prabhāvatīgupta (PLATE-II)

20. Jamb Plates of Pravarasena II (PLATE-III)

21. Bēlōrā Plates (Set A) of Pravarasena II (PLATE-IV)

22. Bēlōra Plates (Set B) of Pravarasena II (PLATE V)

23. Chammak Plates of Pravarasēna II ( PLATE-VI)


24.Siwani Plates of Pravarasena II (PLATE-VII)

(contd.) Seals of Pravarasēna II –
(i)Seal of Chammak Plates;
(ii) Seal of Siwanī Plates;
(iii) Seal of Tirōḍī Plates

25. Ṛiddhapur Plates of Prabhavatigupta (PLATE-VIII)

26. Indore Plates of Pravarasena II (PLATE IX

27. Dudia plates of Pravarasēna II (PLATE-X)


28. Tirōḍī Plates of Pravarasena II (PLATE-XI)

29. Waḍgaon Plates of Pravarasēna II (PLATE-XII)


30. Paṭṭan plates of Pravarasena II (PLATE-XIII )


31. (contd.) Paṭṭan Plates of Pravarasēna II

32. Pāṅḍhurṇā Plates of Pravarasena II (PLATE XIV)


(CONTD) Paṅḍhurṇā Plates of Pravarasena II

33. Pāṭnā Museum Plate of Pravarasēṇa II (PLATE-XV)

34. Rāmṭēk Plate of Pravarasena II (PLATE-XVI)

35. An Unfinished Durg Plate (PLATE-XVII)

36. Balāghāṭ Plates of Pṛithivīshēṇa II (PLATE-XVIII)


37. Bahmanī Plates of Bharatabala (PLATE-XIX)


38. Nachnē-kī-Talāi Stone Inscription (No. I) of Vyāghradeva (PLATE-XX)

39. Nachnē-kī-Talāi Stone Inscription (No.II) of Vyāghradēva (PLATE-XXI)

40. Ganj Stone Inscription of Vyāghradēva (PLATE-XXII)

41. Basim Plates of Vindhyaśakti II (PLATE-XXIII)


41. India Office Plate of Devasena (PLATE-XXIV)

42. Ajaṇṭā Cave Inscription of Varahadeva (PLATE-XXV)

43. Ghaṭōtkacha Cave Inscription of Varahadeva (PLATE-XXVI)

44. Inscription in Ajaṇṭā Cave XVII (PLATE-XXVII)